The capability to download maps is currently limited FINAL maps and those maps 2004 and greater. If you are in the need of a map older than 2004, please email your request to . Be sure to include as much detail as possible about the records you are seeking. In the event of any questions regarding your request, please include a contact name and number.

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Important Notice

The mined out area polygons were derived from mine engineering drawings / maps, submitted to the Kentucky Department of Revenue and the Kentucky Division of Mine Safety. These polygons were digitized from varying source materials at differing scales and stored at 1:24,000 scale . The accuracy of the source maps has not been verified. These data therefore would not exceed the current National Map Standard for 1:24,000 scale maps which states that they are accurate to within +/- 40 feet horizontally (from a well defined location).

These data should not be considered complete and should not be used as the sole basis for any determination. These data do not constitute all coal mining voids nor does it show naturally occurring voids or other underground mining voids (e.g. stone quarries). These data are being made available as a reference and as a first resource in determining mine voids in Kentucky and any determination made from this data should be confirmed or denied by either examining the archive maps at the Kentucky Division of Mine Safety or by doing local geotechnical investigations.