Kentucky Mine Mapping Information System - from 2004 through 2015
  • Linda Potter, Project Manager
  • Bryan Bunch, Project Development
  • John Hiett, Mapping Center Manager
  • Tom Schubert, GIS Supervisor
Original Team - Kentucky Mine Mapping Initiative

Technical Team
  • Rick Bender, Office of Mine Safety and Licensing (OMSL)
  • John Hiett, OMSL
  • Steve Dooley, Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT)
  • Jim Coffman, COT
  • Lynne O'Connor, COT
  • Daryl Hines, Division of Mine Permits (DMP)
  • Christy Rice, DMP
  • Amy Covert, DMP
  • Ken Bates, Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet (EPPC)
  • Bryan Bunch, EPPC
  • Tony Sturgill, EPPC
  • Steve Pigg, EPPC
  • David Gabbard, Department of Revenue (DOR)
  • Leslie Cheatham, DOR
  • Jason Mills, DOR
  • Will Holmes, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
  • Jerry Weisenfluh, Kentucky Geological Survey
  • Dave Beam, U.S. Office of Surface Mining (OSM)
Legal Team
  • Debra Eucker, DOR
  • Iris Skidmore, EPPC
  • Cam Cantrill, COT
  • Eugene Attkisson, OMSL
  • Erica Warren, Kentucky Economic Development Cabinet
  • Dave Beam, OSM
  • Bill Kovacic, OSM
Project Facilitators
  • Lee Cowherd, COT Governmental Services Center
  • Jeanne Olivas, COT Governmental Services Center