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Kentucky Mine Map Search via Mine Information Database

Enter any combination of the following fields:

State File Number: 
Fed (MSHA) ID Number: 
DMRE Permit Number: 
Company Name*: 
Mine Name*: 
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Clear Query

Fields marked with an asterik (*) indicate a fuzzy search will be performed on the values entered in those fields.

The State File Number search field defines an exact search on the value entered.
To perform a fuzzy search on this field, append the entry with the % (percent) symbol.
Thus, 11366 will perform an exact search, while 11366% will perform a fuzzy search on SFN prefix 11366.

State File Number (SFN) Entry Examples:

  • 00529  (Use leading zeros for the first five digits)
  • 00518-1  (Use no leading zeroes after the hyphen)
  • 10100-39  (Use a hyphen instead of a period)
  • 185%  (Performs a fuzzy search on SFN range 18500 through 18599)
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